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While the term ‘organic’ crops up quite often with regards to the food that we consume, but little thought is given to the origin of the material of our clothes. In the past couple of years, people are increasingly waking up and taking notice of the benefits of organic cotton. Even though the current demand of organic cotton is meagre as compared to the conventional one, educating yourself and others regarding its benefits will play a major role in making it reach the mainstream in the near future. 


When cotton crops are sprayed with chemical pesticides, the residues tend to stay on in the eventually manufactured clothes. These chemical residues often cause skin irritations, especially for people suffering from chemical sensitivity and allergies. Softer than conventional cotton, Satva is made from 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, which ensures that you can take it out for a quick jog around the block or an intense yoga session without the fear of any adverse skin reactions. Made from a natural breathable fabric, it retains less odours and can withstand more wear and tear, making it last longer with fewer washes.


Cotton is inherently a thirsty crop, and it accounts to about 2.7 percent of the global water footprint. Organic cotton boasts of using 71% lesser water as compared to its conventional counterpart. Also organically grown cotton doesn’t make use of any chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and it ends up saving on the energy that would otherwise be required for its production. So the next time you slip on the Tops or Leggings from Satva, take pride in the knowledge that you are contributing to saving nearly 218 billion litres of water and 288 million watts of energy.


To grow conventional cotton, farmers need to use chemical fertilizers and pesticides on a large scale, exposing themselves to risk of potential poisoning. In many developing countries, this problem is so acute that without proper medical care, the cases can prove fatal. Organic farming standards respect the human rights of farmers and ensure that they have a fair pay, steady job and safe working conditions.


It is a harsh truth that many organic certifications do not follow-up with the production processes from farm to finish. At Satva, we strictly adhere to the standards set up GOTS, which is amongst the most reputed organic certifications worldwide. We go through intense auditing at the processing, manufacturing and trading stages to gain this prestigious certification.

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