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Highly sensitive people can have aversions to different foods, places, and sounds. We want to talk about feeling in the physical sense, when it comes to what you wear. Most of us wear some type of clothing all day, every day. Pieces of fabric that envelope our skin and maybe even tell a story about who we are, what we like, or what trend we currently prefer.

Regardless of the uniform, we can all agree that the most important factor is comfort.  Synthetic fibers like polyester, nylon, and spandex are full of microplastics, toxic dyes, and harsh chemicals that can be detrimental for sensitive skin. Many garments made with synthetic fibers are too tightly woven, which can impede air flow and cause skin to become prone to rash. Recent spotlights on the fast fashion industry have also shown factories to put clothes through chemical filled wash routines that pollute our waterways and poison many natural resources. Those leggings you claim to love look very good, but is it worth sucking the breath and life out of you AND the environment?

For this blog we’ve enlisted our friend Sharon Leggio Falchuk, a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and overall holistic wellness warrior. Sharon shares her personal experience as someone with sensitivities who found the interconnectedness of mind, body, and soul can also relate to our clothing and the story behind it.

“Comfort matters…And I mean REALLY matters…especially when you are a highly sensitive person and/or have a chronic illness. Thinking about all the jokes & memes about not having worn “real pants” for over a year makes me shake my head. Just like so many things in life it takes a catastrophe or “rock bottom” of some sort for us to write the permission slip to give ourselves a break…or simply to be comfortable.

It seems absurd when you look at it that way. And this isn’t news to me. When I was bedridden ten years ago the first things to go were “real” clothes and make-up. Why did it take my life flashing before my eyes for me to realize that I actually had a choice the whole time?

Okay, maybe not the ENTIRE time…some of my earliest memories are of being irritated all day at school in the corduroy pants my mother had made me, because the seam was rubbing against my inner thighs, causing a rash…or the shirt with the huge, itchy tag…and don’t even get me started on the bane of my little, pigtailed existence - tights. To this day pantyhose make me feel like I am crawling out of my skin.

Once I had a voice in picking out my clothing, I wanted cotton and nothing else. Sure, I would tolerate a cute polyester or rayon top for a special occasion (even if it made me itch & my pits stink like a middle school boy in gym class), but other than that I didn’t mess around. And, as soon as I got home from school or work, I immediately changed into my "comfy clothes.”

Chronic illness aside, now that I know what it means to be a highly sensitive person my relationship with clothing throughout my life makes perfect sense. And once I learned about toxins, and how they were impacting my health, I started to switch my closet over to organic cotton clothing. First, and what I considered most important - my underwear & socks...then pajamas, then other basic, versatile pieces.

@satvaliving (organic comfort wear) has become a big part of my wardrobe. And it goes beyond nontoxic living for me. These clothes are mindfully made, thinking holistically about everyone they work with and everything they touch in the process. As a highly sensitive person who literally FEELS……the interconnectedness of everything this REALLY matters to me.

Speaking of feeling…let this post be a reminder that YOU DESERVE TO BE COMFORTABLE, and it starts with what you have up against your body/skin all day long. What you put on in the morning has a bigger ripple effect on your mood, how you interact with others, and the planet than you may even realize. Choose wisely…choose compassionately.”- Sharon

Satva’s clothing uses GOTS certified organic cotton free from toxic waxes or dyes, no pesticides, and no harsh chemicals during processing. Organic agriculture practices keep cotton insecticide free while using less water and reducing the carbon and land footprint. Organic cotton is a natural material that can come in different weights and blends and is stronger, more durable, and lasts longer. You can read more about our story here.

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