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Less Plastic, More Impact

Less Plastic, More Impact

It's #PlasticFreeJuly and we're teaming up with another sustainable brand that has amazing plastic free swaps & eco-friendly products we know you'll love. Claryti Clean is on a mission to produce more positive change and less plastic waste polluting our oceans. As a small business focused on creating a better planet for us all, Claryti Clean is the perfect addition to your lineup of cleaning essentials.

When founders (and husband & wife team) Nixie Marie & Cameron Peebles began to develop their business model, they knew a focus on clearing away plastic from our everyday lives would be a focus. After working in the fashion & tech marketing industries respectively, the duo became activists for sustainability after experiencing life living on a sailboat and connecting with nature in the closest ways possible.

Nixie admits that her love for the sea and living on a sailboat showed first-hand the decline in fish, coral bleaching, ocean acidity on the rise, and other detrimental effects of pollution in our waterways. After living on the water, she gained a deeper understanding of how everyday activities like washing dishes and doing laundry inevitably causes chemicals to end up in our oceans. Eliminating the need for so many plastic bottles, sponges, and shipping supplies was a huge factor in launching Claryti’s most popular plastic-free product- Super Solid Dish Soap which cuts down on nearly three plastic bottles of dish soap and sponges all together.

As a company, Claryti has become a voice for the oceans and a model for how small businesses can make big impacts. Nixie says her work in the fashion industry was eye opening to how fast fashion specifically was endangering the health of the planet- the same revelations that lead to the founding of Satva. The textile industry is a huge pollutant of natural waterways at all stages of the supply chain, including toxic chemicals used for dying and washing techniques that release micro-plastics into the environment. As a GOTS Certified brand, Satva ensures that our agricultural and production processes are eco-friendly to the highest standards.

How are you incorporating less plastic into your everyday routine? Comment below and tell us what sustainable brands or plastic-free hacks we should know about! You can learn more about Claryti Clean by visiting their website and receive an additional 10% off their Solid Dish Soap Starter Kit with code: ECOTRIBE. 

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