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Why Organic Cotton Matters

Why Organic Cotton Matters

  • Why organic

Most of the clothing found in closets across the world are made from synthetic materials that are irritating our skin, building up in landfills & destroying waterways, and causing a trend of low prices and even lower wages for the people producing & creating garments. Satva uses pure GOTS certified organic cotton for manufacturing our organic clothing, and here are few reasons why:   

  • Better for you

Organic cotton is better for those with sensitive skin or who suffer from allergens. Chemicals like bleach, toxic dyes, waxes, and other harsh substances used in the production of synthetic materials can irritate your skin when worn for many hours. Materials like polyester also trap sweat & odor, further irritating your skin….and nose (mildew, anyone?) Not only is organic better for your skin, but also your peace of mind as a consumer who consciously supports ethically made clothing.

  •  Better for the environment

When compared to other commodity crops, cotton ranks fourth highest when it comes to pesticide usage. Long-term effects of these chemicals on crops are known to be fatal to surrounding natural habitats and cause numerous health 

problems for people and the planet. When managed correctly, organic soil is healthier, uses less water, and mitigates climate stressors like pollution and soil erosion.

  • Better for farmers & producers

Conventional cotton farmers increasingly go into debt to buy the synthetic pesticides needed to produce and regularly run into issues with unhealthy soil and low production. Organic cotton farmers see higher yields and operate at lower costs. Organic cotton is a rotational crop, which means farmers can also grow additional crops creating more soil diversity & financial security. Without the use of pesticides, farmers are healthier and avoid the imminent health risks associated with long term exposure.

Our GOTS and Fair-Trade certifications ensure that the integrity of every garment is maintained throughout the entire supply chain, from seed to sew. You can be sure the talented individuals who grow & create your clothes are paid a living wage and work in a healthy & stable environment with no child labor or sweatshops!

  •  Higher quality, longer lasting, more durable

Organic cotton that has not been eroded or blended with toxic chemicals is stronger, more durable, and longer lasting than other fibers. Naturally breathable, water absorbing, quick drying, and keeps strength over numerous wears. When cared for properly, Satva organic cotton clothing can outlast many of the synthetic activewear pieces in your closet. Choosing eco-friendly clothing options is an investment in yourself, those who create it, and the planet!






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