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Why you should make the switch to Organic Clothing

Why you should make the switch to Organic Clothing

The year is 2019, and sustainable fashion has outlived the revolving door of trends and fads to occupy prime real estate in our collective consciousness. The repercussions of fast fashion and the toll that it can exact on the environment are now well-known, and organic clothing is emerging as the need of the hour. If you’ve been on the fence about making the switch in your everyday wardrobe, here’s why you need to reconsider your shopping choices and opt for ethical fashion:

Science has developed sufficiently to track the havoc that conventional methods of farming can wreak on the ecosystem of a region. Satva opts for an all-natural approach to cultivation, supplying farmers with the highest quality organic, non-GMO, non-treated cotton seeds during cultivation. The payoff comes in the form of better quality, allergen-free cotton in your everyday wardrobe and in the long run, farmers have observed higher yields, ensuring that both pillars of the society co-exist and grow in harmony.

Organic clothing also features the significant absence of pesticides and fertilizers as compared to conventional methods of cultivation, thus encouraging the development of self-sustaining ecosystems. Satva’s organic ideology also includes a blanket ban on all forms of chemicals, including bleaches, toxic waxes, sulfur and heavy metals. Instead, natural, non-toxic dyes are used to ensure that every purchase you make from Satva is gentle on the skin.

In addition to softer fabrics that gently caress your skin during workouts without leaving behind any chemical residue or rashes, organic clothing has been proven to be more durable. Untreated by chemicals, the natural fibers are better equipped to withstand the everyday stresses of a busy lifestyle. For best results, wash with a mild detergent and opt for drip-drying on a line instead of the intensive heat dryers of general washing machines.

Needless to say, if each one of us were to make the switch to more environmentally supportive forms of clothing, the domino effect could lead to a seismic shift in mainstream fashion, enabling the development of a more sustainable global economy where farmers receive their rightful due and nature’s reserves aren’t depleted indiscriminately. If you aren’t sure when to begin from, start out small by opting for organic gym wear, and ultimately build on those baby steps by going sustainable with your entire wardrobe. Shop Satva’s range of organic workout clothes, and feel the difference for yourself.

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